A Global Digital Marketing Strategist and Senior Performance Marketing Specialist, 

Ready To Help Bring Your Digital Business To The Next Level.

Pedro has worked as a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist and Performance Marketing Specialist for 9 Figure Direct Response TV & eCommerce Companies, Performance Marketing Agencies and 7 Figure Personal Brands.

He is expert in creating high-performing digital marketing strategies, video ad concepts, sales funnels, automations and running ads for his clients.

Pedro has more than 9 years of experience running Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads and Amazon Sponsored Ads.

Solely with Facebook Ads, he has managed more than €5 Mio in Ad Spend and generated more than €20 Mio in revenue for his clients.

Pedro has achieved excepcional results by using top-notch media buying tactics, implementing tracking, reporting the right KPIs, understanding attribution and using automated rules.

Pedro works very closely with creative teams to help them with the advertisement conceptualization process. Thanks to his extensive experience and talent, he has a very clear idea of what type of ad may perform the best.

He has taught Facebook & Instagram Ads in different offline and online courses and workshops.

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